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SOLVE SD Card PROBLEM (Formatting,Mounting,Errors,Corruption or even Death of Card)

Today i am going to share a very essential tool for everyone.This tool is must for those people who can not format their memory card, pen drive or hard disk. If you get error during format your memory card you must try this little tool.

A full format (uncheck quick format)running HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is recommended.

Moreover,never ever use SD card Adapters for formatting.Always USB card readers as they are more efficient.

Generic operating system formatters don’t provide the optimum performance.And,sometimes,can result into SD card death and less picture-saving space.

Full format once in awhile is recommended to prevent possible corrupt files, lengthen the life of the card and achieve the most available space possible.

This tool is compatible with Windows XP and vista however Windows 7 users can run this tool in Compatibility mode for Windows 7 by going through :

Properties>Compatibility>Compatibility mode>Check(Run this program in compatibility mode for)>Select Windows 7 from dropdown menu>Apply>OK



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