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Javascript Injection : Fun with Javascripts

javascript Injection is Similar to CSRF vulnerability ,
its just for fun, but sometimes you can get cookies of vulnerable website by using Javascript injection,
Take a Look of javascript injection
[Note : working in Firefox Only]
Alert and Changing Title on Website 
Javascript: alert(document.title = "title name");
You can Chnage Title of website by putting this script in you browser
and you'll get a Alert too .. js1.jpg (996×390)
Message On website on alert Box 
Javascript: alert("you message here");
use this script for more than one message
javascript: alert("First message"); alert("second message"); alert("Third message");
js1.jpg (972×453)
you can show you message on website by putting this script on browser URL box
Getting Cookies By javascripts
you can use these scripts to get and chnage cookies of website
js3.jpg (901×412)
javascript:void(document.cookie="username=user123"); alert(document.cookie);
javascript:void(document.cookie="username=user123"); void(document.cookie="password=pass123"); alert(document.cookie);
js2.jpg (994×361)


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