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easy way of adding contact page in blogger/blogspot site

Do you want to add a contact me page on your blogs? Contact page is good for visitors to contact the owner of blog and ask any question.In This tutorial i will show you the step by step method to create contact  page on blogger/blogspot.To create a contact form Go to Google drive and sign in. Now Click on Create and select Form. A form creation page will open, type the title of your form.
Now Type question title. The most common questions are
  • Name,
  • Email and comment etc. 
 Select question type text for name and Email and question type paragraph for comment. Now your form will look like this.


Now save the form and click on More action > Embed copy the html code.

Now You have created your form and copied the html code, now its time to make contact me page in blogger. Follow the instructions. Go to your blog and create a new page and select blank page.

Give post title Contact me. Go to HTML section and paste the code.( You can change the width of the page, You can find width in HTML code and change it. The default width is (760px). However you can change it. Publish your page. Your contact page is now live in your blog. To be notified by Email whenever someone submit a form, go back to Google drive and open your created contact me form, click on Tools > Notification rules. Here you can set Email notification.If You have any question leave your comment.


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